Drinking Olympics 2010 - Scheduled for Saturday, Oct 23rd, 2010, 8:30am-5:30pm


Drinking Olympics VI - Saturday Oct 25th, 2008
"Crowning the champions of beer drinking and athletics - It's not just drinking games!"

Gold: Red (137.5 points)
Silver: Grey (126 points)
Bronze: Black (124 points)
2008 list of scores (sorted by rank, photo of scoreboard)

2003 - Grey
2004 - Pink
2005 - Green
2006 - LIght Blue
2007 - Light Blue
2008 - Red

- The olympic stadium are located at 14th Ave East in Golden Gate Park. (live google map)

-Oct 25th: sunset at 6:18pm, twilight at 6:45pm
eather is expected to be sunny and hot, 80°, 1 mph WSW winds, UV index = 4, a 5% chance of fog.
-"Beer after sport is good for you" (link)... but what about during sports

. Each captain must fork over team fees before getting any shirts.


2008 Drinking Olympics Video (9:22) :: youtube HD
2007 Drinking Olympics Video (9:54) :: youtube :: HD
2007 Bat Spin Relay Video (5:42) :: youtube :: HD

2006 Tug-o-War Video (0:20) :: youtube
2006 Bat Spin Relay Video (2:50) :: youtube


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  Drinking Olympics IV - 2008 Edition, "Beerjing"

2008 Team Rosters (4-5 per team)

1. Black: Brady*, ravi, kyle, chris, joeski
2. Light blue: Mat* and your cheatin' scientists
3. Red: Ryan* and his Drinkers
4. Pink: Lancaster*, Belly, Yogi, Quirky
5. Tan: Adam* and his Alcohol Assault
6. Camouflage: Greg*, Adam, Darren, Army Rick, Brian
7. Green: Bret*, Bebe, Bart, Billy, Jobbo, Jordan
8. Dark Blue: Mike* and the free agents
9. Light Grey: Mario*, Rubin, Tres Agaves peeps
captains in italics

free agents:

Schedule (approx)

Time # Event

9:30am 9:45




6:18 6:30




Arrival and setup
Open Ceremony Beer Slam
Quarters Anchorman

Lunch + bonus events
shot slam team challenge (3.5pt bonus)
Slam a beer (5, 3,1 bonus)
Various Bonus events (0.5 - 2.5pt bonus)

Beer Run
Bat Spin Relay
Egg Toss
Beer Toss Relay Deluxe
Flip Cup (tie breaker)

Scoring and Trophy Presentation

To the bars......

The winning team gets 20 points per event, 2nd place gets 18 points, etc. If there is a tie, both teams share the points for that place in that event, i.e. 3 teams get second place, they all get 18 points then 5th place gets 12 points.

Bonus event awarded reduced point value, as noted in the event list. Challenge events: 3.5 points are awarded to each team that completes the challenge.

The trophy will be awarded after all events are completed and scores tabulated. If a situation arises where we don't have time to complete all events, we skip the late events. If two or more teams are tied for first, second, or third at the end of the day, they will play flip cup, head-to-head. All other teams judge this event and proclaim the winner.

Bring gloves and cleats/boots for the tug-o-war.

Bring a backpack with warm clothes in case of inclimate weather. Weather could be sunny and warm, or overcast, cold, and windy. Bring your camera, video camera, lawn chairs, parkas, blankets, or whatever.

Four (4) players per team (5th player is optional). Injury subs are allowed. No coed teams. If some females want to form their own team and play by the rules, then go for it. Spectator are welcome to join the party and watch the fun.

Code of Conduct
1. Understand, appreciate, and abide by the rules of the game, use the honor system.

2. Respect the integrity and judgment of game officials and staff.

3. Respect your opponent and congratulate them in a courteous manner following each match, whether in victory or defeat.

4. Be responsible for your actions and maintain self control, as much as possible while drinking yourself into a blind stupor.

5. Taunt your opponents, often.

6. Use as much foul and abusive language as you want.

7. Accept that you may get pummeled in Arm Wrestling, Tug-O-War, Dodgeball, etc.

Hopefully it won't come to this, but if there are any questions/issues, Joe and Mat will make the executive decision. Team captains will be asked to join the discussion as necessary.

Event Rules and Descriptions    

Opening Ceremony (0 points)

Every person from every team participates in a group cheers and beer slam to start the day.

Any person who arrives late and is not part of the group drink, must consume two drinks before they may compete in any event, or take a 10 point penalty.


Event 1 - Volleyball (20, 18, 16... points)
Standard volleyball games. Four per side, any type of serve, players can go anywhere on their side of the court. Pick a ball and stick with it the entire game (unless both teams agree to juggle their balls). Games are played to 15 points. RALLY SCORING - someone scores on every serve. One game per matchup (not 2 out of 3). Win by 2.

Round robin style with point differential breaking any ties for moving into the winners circle. If we have 8 teams, then we have two groups of 4 teams. Each team playing 3 matches. The top teams from each group play for 1st and 2nd place. The next best teams play for 3rd and 4th. The other teams get points awarded based on their round-robin record and their point differential.


Event 2 - Quarters Anchorman (20, 18, 16... points)
4 players per team. All four players shoot quarters at the cup at the same time. Each player must make one quarter into the cup. Once all players are done, then the players drink from a full pitcher of beer. Take a drink, then pass it to the next teammate. The last teammate (anchorman) has to finish the pitcher and put pitcher on table when done.

Two teams race simultaneously against the clock. Points awarded based on time.



Event 3 - Tug-O-War (20, 18, 16... points)
Four people per team. Must use the same four during the event (except in the case of injury). Players can wear any hand wear and footwear they desire (bring gloves and cleats).

Random drawing will be used for seeding. Round robin, so each team gets at least three contests. Brackets will be created based on total number of teams in the Olympics. If we have an odd number of teams, one team will get a first round bye.

Girls can use 5 players. (5x130lbs = 650lbs; to 4x180lbs = 720)


Event 4 - Shot slam challenge (3.5pt bonus)
All members of the team take a shot . No points for the team, if any player boots right after shot.


Event 5 - Slam a Beer (bonus scoring: 5, 3, 1... points)
Only one player per team can compete. This is a one round event in which everyone tries to finish his beer the fastest. Fill a beer cup, hold the cup on your head. At the whistle, drink the beer as fast as you can, then put the empty cup upside-down on your head. Crowd decides who wins.

(Another drink-off may occur if there are too many questions as to the order of the finishers, but only those in question will compete.)

Top 3 finishers get 5, 3, and 1 points


Event 6 - Bonus events (bonus scoring: 2.5, 1.5, 0.5... points)
-Arm wrestling exhibition (worth 0.5 points)
-200 yard beer dash: slam a beer, sprint 200 yards
-Beer pushups: slam a beer, most pushups in 3minutes
-Wobble board challenge
-Double beer slam: same as slam a beer, but two cups of beer.

one player per team per event


Event 7 - Beer Run (20, 18, 16... points)
Run to the beer loading dock, grab two cups of beer, then run back to the starting line and fill up two pitchers with 35oz of beer each. Once a pitcher has 35oz of beer, players can starting drinking from it. Team is done when pitchers are again empty.

Each pitcher will have a line marking 35oz of beer, that's 70oz totals for the two pitchers. (Other teams will supply judges saying when the pitcher is filled to this point).

Only two (2) players can be on the course at any time. Two other players have to stay with the pitchers. A player could be a runner the whole time and not drink any beer, while another player just waits and drinks. Or, players can switch runners after each run - pick your own strategy.

Cups of beer will be waiting at the loading dock. Pick up only two (2) cups per run. Cups will be filled to the top by spectators.

Players can drink in any order and hand off multiple times, it's not anchorman.

Two teams race simultaneously, but are racing against the clock. Points awarded based on time.


Event 8 - Dodgeball (20, 18, 16... points)
A volleyball sized court with two teams hurling rubber balls at each other. Hit a player on the other team and he is out. Catch a ball thrown by another player and the thrower is out....plus, one of your players returns to action. Win by getting all four players from the other team “OUT”.

Team A and Team B each have sovereign territory, the other team cannot enter this territory. The field is a long rectangle with two zones.

A out
B out
Team A
Team B

The game starts with all 1 or 2 balls on the middle line, and each team has 1 or 2 balls in hand.

Game time is 5 minutes. Team with most players left after 5 minutes wins.

Out players cannot throw at opponents. Out players re-join the game if a teammate catches a ball thrown by an opponent. Out players must stay behind the back line. Out players collect loose balls and return them to their teammates.

Spectators and other teams need to shag balls for the teams that are playing. Return ball to the side where it went it out.


Out-of-bounds: Like the NFL
if you touch any part of the line and you are OUT!

Out of bounds is strictly enforced by spectator side-judges.

If a judge says you are out,
then argue!!!!

Event 9 - Bat Spin Relay (20, 18, 16... points)
This is a relay involving all four team members.

1. Pickup the bat and spin seven (8) times
2. Race 30 yards to the other side
3. Slam 12oz of beer (from a 16oz cup)
4. Pickup the bat and spin seven (8) times
5. Race back to the starting line

Hold bat between your forehead and the ground, then run around the bat eight (8) times. A pre-determined judge will count your bat revolutions on each side.

Beer will be poured by spectators into the cup, with as little foam as possible.

Two teams race simultaneously against each other and the clock. Points awarded based on time.


ALL 8 spins must be in the same direction.

Event 10 - Egg Toss (20, 18, 16... points)
Each team splits into two pairs. Everyone forms two lines facing each other (1/2 the players compete at the same time.) Toss the raw egg until it breaks. Start out 10 meters apart, throw, then everyone steps back and tosses again, until all eggs are broken.

Points are handed out based on when teams are eliminated. Teams will add the score of the two pairs to determine how points are awarded. Combine scores for each pair. Team Green finishes 3rd and 5th = 8 points. Lowest points = first place, 2nd lowest = 2nd place, etc. Tie for first place results a two-man toss off between tied teams.

Player may step over the line with one foot if necessary. Two feet over the line is a disqualification - no exceptions. A player can move side to side or backward to catch the egg, but not over the line. If you interfere (i.e. run into, bump, brush up against, touch, push, etc.) with another player, you are disqualified and they get a replacement egg if necessary.


Two feet over the line is a disqualification
no exceptions

Event 11 - Beer Toss Relay Deluxe (20, 18, 16... points)
This is a relay event involving four team members. Run to a beer can, toss it tto another player who then drinks it. The team is done when all 4 beer cans are empty.

Player A runs to the beer, grabs a beer and tosses it back to player B at the starting line. Player B drinks the beer, etc.... The team is done when player A is done drinking.

Two teams race simultaneously against each other and the clock. Points awarded based on time.

Starting Line
Beer Cans
Player A
-------- run ------>
Beer 1

Player B

<----- throw beer 1 -----
Player A

Player B drinks

Player B
-------- run ------>
Beer 2

Player C

<----- throw beer 2 -----
Player B

Player C drinks

Player C
-------- run ------>
Beer 3

Player C

<----- throw beer 3 -----
Player C

Player C drinks

Player D
-------- run ------>
Beer 4

Player A

<----- throw beer 4 -----
Player D

Player A drinks




Event 12 - Flip Cup - Tie Breaker (0.5 points)
Team flip cup, best 2 out of 3, according to California Sanctioned rules.

If two or more teams are tied for first, second, or third at the end of the day, they will play flip cup, head-to-head. All other teams judge this event and proclaim the winner.


Two chubbies having a toss off
What the f&*% ?