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People are talking about Cheap and Easy Cooking.....

"If you have a student starting college this fall, this cookbook would make a great gift to send with them."

- Cookbooks on Review, The Sunday Post

"In college, his guiding principles were to eat fast and cheap, and each of his 72 recipes include the time it takes to prepare-usually just a few minutes-and the cost per serving."

-Mike Dunne, Food Editor, Sacramento Bee

"Really cool! Every student needs Cheap and Easy Cooking....This is definitely the College Student's Survival Guide....In fact, Joe should write a whole series of survival guides."

-Corbi Wright, Senior, UC Berkeley

Donna gives it 4 out of 5 stars in an review: "My College Kids loved it. I bought two copies for my kids and they loved it. My son is a sophomore in college and my daughter is a freshman. I usually made their meals for them here at home, so when they got to college they weren't that prepared to cook for themselves. I bought this book on a whim hoping it might give them a start. After they got it they both started cooking more and eating less fast food."

- Donna, mother of two

"Thank you for the cookbook....I tried the Tuna Melt, which was quite delicious and I enjoyed the Breakfast Shake. I also noted the concise layout of each recipe, it's ingredients, cooking time, cost, and instructions. This efficiency made the book very comprehensive....I think it is great that you are encouraging youth to take responsibility for their culinary skills, health, and finances, all in one book... Cheap and Easy Cooking creates an open attitude toward the intimidating world of cooking."

- Ellie, Junior, UC Santa Cruz

"I enjoyed reading Cheap and Easy Cooking immensely. The text is hysterical and the graphics are really, really good. I was sent to school with the Hot Pot Cookbook, and tried a few of those recipes, which were not nearly as inclusive or as helpful as your book. Cheap and Easy Cooking is full of food combinations I had not thought of. It is definitely hip!"

- Perrin, Pastry Chef

"I read it and, as a chef and mother, I wasn't embarrased to say that I know him."

- Mary Dobrowolski, Joe's Mother

"An undeniable masterpiece....This cookbook combines incredible creativity and engrossing realism as it transcends the 'cookbook' stigma. Finally there is a cookbook for real people"

-Rene Carbinol, Chef

"What an incredible pasta section. And I know pasta! He must have learned everything he knows about pasta from me."

- Brian Giovannoni, Alumni, UC Davis

"I really love your book! It is well organized and very entertaining to read."

- JoAnn Pacho, Amatuer Chef Extraordinaire